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I've finally decided since I friend most of my entries anyhow that I am going to make my journal friends only.

If you are interested in becoming my friend please leave a comment to this entry. Please, do not be insulted if I decline your request. I only like to friend people that I know in some capacity because this journal contains details of my personal life.

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If you are looking for my fanfiction or icons you can find them both over at my creative journal here: littlenotebook.

If you are looking for my Torchwood comic the Torch-sticks you can find it here: torch_sticks (The community will no longer be having new updates but is remaining up for archival and humor's sake.)
Sherlock // Lestrade

Friend's cut


I have went through and done of a bit of a friends cut. I removed journals which are inactive or the writer and I just don't really talk anymore.

If you are still alive and still want to be LJ friends and you see that I've cut you just leave me a comment. I have no problem igniting old friendships again. I'll leave this public for a few weeks in case anyone comes poking about.
Sherlock // Lestrade

Yuletide recs

So, now that I've gone through most of my fandoms and some favs beyond of the Yuletide stories I thought I should do some recs. There were so many good stories this year, really original ones too! Anyhow, here are a few for you to check out:

Things Not Seen: Big Love; This fic centers around Nikki and watches her life in snippets from when she was young and all the way up through Margie joining the family. It goes back and forth between 'now' and then and really gives the reader a good feel of what Nikki's life was/is like and her feelings.

Over the Rooftops of the World: Dead Poets Society; Todd/Neil; This is an lovely story from Todd's point of view. It does a lovely job of showing Todd's feelings of just being something in the background and then being pulled out by Neil. It's lovely because you really feel that they're 16 and just kids still but looking to find something in their life. A lovely read.

Itty Bitty and the H.O.G.: Pushing Daisies; This is a feel good fun fic of Olive and Emerson working together again to solve a case. It has a lovely Pushing Daisies feel to it and kind makes one smile with all the little things.

How to Ask?: Babylon 5; Susan/Talia; I think this was my favorite of all the fics I've read so far. It's a semi-AU story where instead of Lockley, Susan is running B5 in season 5. Its very well written, in character, and original in my estimation. Plus, is a canon girl/girl relationship resurrected! I loved it.

A Shot in the Dark : Defying Gravity; This does a bit from the director interview about Jen and what would have happened had the series continued. It is short but well done and shows the friendship between Zoe and Jen.

This is a True Story: Dirk Gently; Ok 1) It's fucking Dirk Gently, Douglas Adams is never not funny even when its fanfic. 2) The story is the "history" of the hat. Its wonderful, hilarious, and very douglas-ese!